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BIMAL crown top bottle embossed REGISTERED / KOCA NOLA / BOTTLING CO. / OF KENTUCKY / SOMERSET, KY. (Photo: Jimmy Hubbard)

Hutchinson Bottle Directory:


The Historic Bottle Website (located within the Society for Historical Archaeology website):


High Desert Historic Bottle Website:


David Whitten's Bottle Manufacturers' Marks Website:


The Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors:


Wisconsin Bottles:


Charlie Barnette's website providing historical information about the many types of bottles and related go-withs emanating from Bristol, Tennessee and Bristol, Virginia:


Soda Bottlers of Southwest Virginia and Northwest Tennessee:


Tod von Mechow's Sodas and Beers of North America site is designed "to provide useful information for collectors, researchers, and novices on North American hand-made glass and pottery soda and beer bottles...This site is packed with information and listings of over 13,050 bottles with other 15,700 variants from over 7,500 firms."  Tod has included brief histories of 177 manufacturers of soda and beer bottles, illustrations of 61 different soda and beer bottle closures, photos and illustrations of 51 different bottle shapes, over 3,000 bottle photos, and a fully indexed and searchable database.


Antique Bottle & Glass Collector Magazine:


Sam Evans' Georgia Bottle Collecting Site

Sam Evans specializes in collecting Coca-Cola bottles from the state of Georgia.  In addition to detailed information about Georgia Cokes, his site features material about other sodas and collectibles from Georgia, links to numerous other sites, and more.   


Hires to You! The Illustrated History of Hires Root Beer